We are a bunch of people passionate about leveraging

S(cience) T(echnology) E(ngineering) and M(athematics)

to address industrial needs.

Ravichandra Palaparthi, PhD

Principal and Founder

Ravi Palaparthi is the Principal at Anagha. Since June 2018, he and his team have been enabling clients in the specialty/electronic materials and generic pharmaceutical industries to minimize trials and errors in efforts across the product development life cycle (translating customer needs into technical efforts, scaling processes from lab to plant, and troubleshooting in end-user applications) by leveraging sound technical approaches. In addition to solving current problems for the short term success, he helps his clients succeed in the long term by helping them understand their products, processes and interactions better in the context of relevant applications. He does this by partnering with the clients' technical teams through hands-on efforts leveraging mechanistic modeling and hypothesis driven approaches, technical training, and mentoring.

His prior experiences include: heading the Process Engineering and Modeling/ Simulation CoE at Dr. Reddys (2015-18), where he and his team built the necessary capabilities and scaled up a variety of processes across a range of product forms with minimal trials; leading the Applications Research group and efforts at Dow (Rohm and Haas) Electronic Materials (2003-15) helping crack the science behind the art of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) in the semiconductor industry and translating learnings to aid novel polishing pad product development, support customer applications needs, and retain/ gain new business accounts. Right after his PhD from the City College of New York (2001) specializing in interfacial sciences and mathematical modeling, he also spent time with Orica USA as a process development engineer translating products from lab to plant scale. He received his B.Tech in 1995 from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.