Anagha focuses on reducing your costs and timelines of product/ process development

Typical product development and R&D efforts in specialty/ pharma industries go through a mechanism shown here where decisions to go to the next level (say from a lab to plant, or one application to another) are based on a suite of assumptions and characterization approaches employed

As an example, generic pharma players have to go through a multitude of stages to reap commercial level production benefits

How well the process and product are understood determines how well one can

  • advance through these stages without misfires

  • troubleshoot issues

Traditional approaches of trying things and figuring out if it works at the large scale/ at the customer without understanding the hows and whys can be very costly and risky

It can lead to lot of lost time, resources and revenues in failed plant trials, product mis-placements, recalls and even customer trust

Through a suite of scientific approaches, we help you

  • understand your processes and products better technically and

  • provide actionable insights so that you can expedite your product development journey

Technically grounded product/ process development resulted in

  • Minimizing trials and error in product placements with customers, and process scale-up

  • Efficient trouble shooting when needed

  • Getting it right the first time

In our experience with our clients spanning varied industries, we have seen such approaches expedite cycles of learning by >2X in

•Achieving reproducibility in lab scale


•Achieving reproducibility in plant scale

•Right product placements with customers