We are a small company with big dreams, trying to democratize technology for small and big companies to benefit!

We want our customers to value us for the technical merit we bring to our offerings. Hence we are always on the look out for people that

  • are passionate about and take pride in delivering technically grounded solutions

  • enjoy maintaining technical rigor and integrity while meeting business needs and satisfying the customers

  • are savvy about working on industrial challenges

  • are always open to learn new things

  • are flexible with the nature of consulting business

  • have a go-getter attitude to get to the destination, and

  • are easy to work with

What are we looking for currently?

Associates that can help us with our needs at the intersection of core engineering, computations and analytics on a freelance basis.

  • Senior technical professionals with a background in material sciences and chemical engineering (Minimum PhD)

  • Interns that are hands on with core engineering principles and computational approaches

What do we offer?

  • World class technical challenges to solve and compensations

  • Opportunities to publish and present in international forums

If you want to partner with us, please reach out to contact@anagha.consulting